In this competitive world reaching out those who matter has become a daunting task. And with frequent updates and algorithms, online marketing has become a platform that takes more than what it gives. It is for this reason that people often require proficient help and guidance to sail through the high end waves, making way for high ROI and sales.

The world is fast catching up and one certainly needs to realize that by the time a potential client calls up for any query, he has already made up his mind. The self educating prospect in this internet world is good enough to help your potential clients know more about what you have on board. It is for this reason that marketing automation has started to turn eyeballs with many marketers taking this up because of its incredible results.

We at Market Demand Gen specialize in customizing following Marketo services:

Marketing Demand Gen is a team of dedicated Marketo Certified Consultants, who has years of experience. No matter your question, situation, or unique integration, Marketing Demand Gen is here to serve all your Marketo needs.

No matter the type of challenges you have, Marketing Demand Gen can create and maintain industry best practice Marketo programs to optimize your system. Types of configurations include, but are no means limited to: Sales Insight, Workspaces & Lead Partitions, SFDC Custom Object Access, Segmentations, Integrated Pay-Per-Click, Dynamic Content, Advanced Nurturing, A/B Testing, Lead Scoring, Lead Routing, Interesting Moments, Progressive Profiling, Program Templates, Sales Alerts, My Tokens, Integrated Webinars, Data Management, Email Marketing, Subscription Management, System Maintenance, and Operational.

  • Need interim assistance with day-to-day management of Marketo and Marketo programs.
  • Are you new to Marketo and want help managing the system until in-house resource come online.
  • Lack the bandwidth, resources, or personnel to adequately manage Marketo.

Marketing Demand Gen offers the design, implementation and testing of Marketo responsive email and responsive landing page templates.

  • Want to build a library of custom templates that better reflect the company brand.
  • Need to upgrade the look and feel of their existing Marketo templates.

Marketing Demand Gen will help you define your sales and marketing funnel. Based on funnel definition your revenue cycle model will be developed including details of each transition from one stage to the next (e.g. Unknown, New, MQL,SQL, Disqualified, Opportunity, Closed-Won, Closed-Lost).

By far the definition must have been clear. What needs to be understood are the benefits attached to lead scoring. At times you make five sales a day but fail to generate even one the next day. Or it may so happen that you bag twenty leads in a month but figuring out even fifteen may seem to be a daunting task in the next. It is for these many reasons that understanding importance of lead scoring becomes crucial.


  • Measurable ROI on lead generation campaigns
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Augments sales productivity
  • Cut short the sales cycle
  • Enhances forecast and pipeline visibility

It’s time we realize that emails are the real time source of genuine leads. If you can understand the rules behind this great marketing tool, the road ahead would be straight. Email template design plays a crucial rule and hence necessitates proficiency and knowledge.


  • Easy to use
  • Personalized Message
  • Maintains corporate Look and Feel
  • Offers one click reply option
  • Multiple Messaging Access

This is again one important tool of marketing as the internet users have increased manifold and the self educating syndrome has already made debut affecting many of your potential leads. Hence it has become all the more important to hire marketing automation experts and consulting them to understand the benefits attracted to Responsive Landing page and Emails.


  • Customize as per your requirements and need of the hour
  • Pull off high CTR and improved user engagement
  • Accumulate your design efforts by using a single asset
  • Demonstrate content across numerous platforms without any glitches

In order to increase conversion rates you surely can’t overlook this effective marketing tool to have added insights about your potential leads by asking only those questions that are important.


  • Enhances conversion rates by reducing form length
  • Reprocess same forms on multiple landing pages
  • Cuts down on your sales cycle
  • Collect insights for better target oriented options

The sales driven programs and campaigns undertaken by our Marketo certified experts are surely to bag enough leads to keep you occupied. Well, we are overconfident when we say so but are determined to recreate what you have lost on your previous sales cycle.


  • Sales Driven research and Implementation
  • Target oriented campaigns
  • Reports and Data Maintenance

Lead Nurturing can surely help if you play right with your numbers. Keeping a track of your leads might be difficult at times and so outsourcing this crucial job to Marketo certified professionals like us can make wonders.


  • Establishes contact in the first go
  • Maintains consistency in your communication
  • Explore segmentation opportunities
  • Augments Engagement

Our service package under this section is designed so as to help you catch up on Sales Force quickly and resourcefully. With this service we plan to cover all the main areas of Sales Force user organization. We would start with a face-to-face consultation process where we would put our heads together in order to understand your specific requirements. The following would be the main concern while corroborating facts and figures:

  • Specific Goals
  • Timeline
  • Areas of Customization
Once settled, we’ll help you with data migration, training and support.